Author : Shah Vandit, Patel Viral, Shah Jigna, Mehta Tejal

Page Nos : 1 - 16

Abstract :

Different types of formulations including; mouth wash, lozenges, gargles, mouth dissolving films and pellets, chewing gums, etc. are being used to combat bad breath. Chewing gums have been used as a means of cleansing teeth and for removing bad breath odor, since a very long time. The prevalent use of chewing gums by people of all age groups has prompted interest of formulations scientist towards manufacturing of chewing gums for different purposes. Chewing gums are preferred for delivering drugs for localized effect as medicated chewing gums. Herbal ingredients are known to have a very pleasant and persistent mouth feel, however their use in the form of chewing gums is least explored. In this review authors have tried to compile the basic concept of formulating chewing gum, its method of production, characterizing parameters, various applications in different areas, future scope.