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Review and Publication Policy

  Policy for Selection of Reviewers
  • Reviewers should not be of the same institute
  • Reviewers qualification should be PhD level (or equivalent) or above in the relevant subject
  • Reviewers should have at least 5 years of teaching/research experience
  • Reviewers should be active researchers and have expertise in the required field
  • Reviewer should have at least five recent publications in peer-reviewed journals indexed in scopus and/or web of science.
Guidelines for reviewers:
  • Editor will decide the name of the expert for review process.
  • Reviewers can give their recommendation to the Editor regarding the acceptance, rejection, or revision (major or minor) and resubmission of the manuscript
  • Reviewers should maintain confidentiality throughout the entire process of review
  • Reviewers should not disclose any information to anyone before publication of the manuscript.
  • Reviewers should give their comments and review within the specified timeframe.
  • Reviewers should be alert to the ethical issues.
  • Reviewers should provide thorough feedback to authors regardless of a manuscript’s acceptance status.
  • If a reviewer perceives that there may be a significant conflict of interest for a particular manuscript that they are invited to review, they should either clarify with the editor or decline the invitation.
  • Reviewers should not engage in the circulation, citation or reference of the unpublished manuscript, nor should they use the information contained within the unpublished manuscript for their own work without permission from the author.
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