Author : Jayanta Kumar Maji*, Mansi Patel, Priti J Mehta Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Page Nos : 65 - 72

Abstract :

<strong>Abstract</strong> Over the past decades in Indian antiquity, Vanshlochan (Bambusha) is considered as a tonic in treating various ailments. Initial development of such ingredient, predominantly silicon compound, with trace amount of certain elements. A methodological strategy offers to characterize novel candidate bambusha drugs from various bamboo species plants in favor of modern instrumental technique like physico-chemical, X-ray diffraction, fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, inductive coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy. Bambusha is recommended as a bioavailability enhancer and provide synergistic effect like various well-known medicaments - Sitopaladi, Talisadi, Dadimashtaka, Vilwadichurna and Prabhakar, brambhivati in Ayurveda along with other Unani formulation. The safety and efficacy of this mad stone is not explored scientifically.This review mainly focuses on the traditional, experimental, physico-chemical information of Bamboo manna. &nbsp;