Author : Aditya Grover, Anjali Hirani, Vijaykumar Sutariya

Page Nos : 71 - 78

Abstract :

The glutathione-conjugated methylene blue loaded nanoparticles and glutathione-conjugated coumarin loaded nanoparticle were constructed in the present work as biodegradable carrier for brain-specific drug delivery along with evaluation of its in-vitro permeation properties. Nanoparticles of PLGA was prepared by reacting it with glutathione using EDAC as a linker, which was also characterize for particle size analysis. The in-vitro study performed for permeation property of developed nanoparticles using Trans well co-culture of C6 (rat astrocytoma) cells and RBE4 (rat brain endothelial) cells showed significant permeability of glutathione conjugate nanoparticle. Significant in-vitro permeability suggest that glutathione serve as a better vehicle to deliver paclitaxel in brain during brain cancer therapy.