Bioactivity guided isolation of Ursolic Acid from Clerodendrum Serratum roots and evaluation of its efficacy against asthma in Guinea Pigs.

Author : Niyati Acharya

Page Nos : 73 - 100

Abstract :

Present study investigated anti-asthmatic activities of ursolic acid isolated from ethyl acetate fraction of crude extract of <em><i>C. serratum</i></em> roots along with its anti-inflammatory potential. Methanol extract (70%) was fractionated in to ethylacetate and the fraction was subjected to Gas chromatography-mass spectrum (GC-MS) in order to identify possible phytoconstituents. Column chromatography of the ethyl acetate fraction of <em><i>C. serratum</i></em> roots yielded ursolic acid, which was characterized by its FT-IR, mass and NMR spectral data. The effect of ursolic acid on guinea pig was assessed using inflammation of the airway caused by histamine and ovalbumin, inflammatory cell count in blood and broncho-alveolarlavage fluid, quantitative cytokine determination (IL-4, IL-5 and TNF-α) in serum and BALF, and histopathology of lung tissue. The results indicated that ursolic acid has the potential to prevent inflammatory mediators into the local lung and trachea tissues and may be useful in the management of asthma.